Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Market December 8, 2012

I am often asked "What is at the Market in the Winter?"    Here is photo of some the items I got today. Tomatoes from Carpenter's Greenhouse, lettuce and a giant turnip from Our family Farm.   I also purchased some very tasty dried peppers from Carpenter's Greenhouse.

The tomatoes are at the very end of their season.    The lettuce is still there because the winter has been mild so far and many vendors have hoop houses or green houses.   The root vegetables will be there as long as supplies last and the vendors have enough customers to bring them.   Squash and pumpkins are also still plentiful at the market.

The tomato and some of the lettuce have already been eaten in the last BLT of the season.   The bacon was previously purchased at the Market from Earnst Farms.

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