Sunday, October 10, 2010

Peppers - Chiles at the Market

I like peppers, chiles if you prefer.   They are a very diverse, colorful, late season market item.  Botanically they are a fruit but they are legally considered a vegetable in the US.

Here is a bowl of mixed sweet peppers from DeVulders Farms and a few hotties from Wilczewski Greenhouses.  The dip in the center is humus with sun dried tomatoes from Sparrow Market.  I remove the seeds from all but the smallest peppers, slice into strips, dip and eat.  My favorite one is the poblano, which usually has just a mild  touch of the chile heat, but can vary from sweet to fairly hot.

I first encountered humus as a dip from a vegan friend.  At first I thought of it as her non-dairy substitute for a sour cream based dip, but now I really consider it my preferred dip for vegies.  The humus (or homus) is available plain or with many added vegetable flavors such as tomatoes or garlic.