Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Market in Winter

The Farmers Market changes after January 1. The Saturday market is still open but the Wednesday Market does close. The Saturday Market becomes very peaceful. In general the apple vendors, the egg vendors, meat vendors, and some bakers will continue to come unless the weather is very bad.

The food vendors at the Market on Jan 3, 2009 included:

Alex Nemeth - apples
Kapnicks Orchard - apples
Wassem Orchard - apples and jams
Our Family Farm - eggs and honey
TMZ Farms - beef and buffalo
Millpond Bakery - breads
Fusilier - eggs
Hannaweld - lamb
Brines Farm - fresh salad greens
Maitelates - chocolates
Kern Road - jams and jellies
about 4 artisan vendors