Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Dinners from the Market

The Holiday season is upon us and it is a reason for a great dinner. You can go from very good to really interesting and great by choosing something different, something from a local farmer, or both. Here are a few of our past Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners from the Market vendors for ideas. Just remember that an unusual item will be a special for a vendor and may require ordering well in advance.

First, here is a buffalo standing rib roast from TMZ Farms. Garry is the vendor for TMZ beef and buffalo at the Market. This was the main course of our 2007 Christmas dinner. The carrots and parsnips were also from the market.

This is the turkey of our 2008 Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing else seems quite as appropriate for Thanksgiving. It was locally raised and provided by Farmer John of Our Family Farm. During the winter John is at the Market almost every Market day, look for him selling eggs.

Here are some dessert and table decoration ideas. Roses from Dennis Sparr, apple and pumpkin pies.

You probably won't find roses at the Market at Christmas, but there are many evergreen table decorations available. If it warms up a bit Dennis Sparr will be there with poinsettias.

Apples for an apple pie will certainly be plentiful from Kapnicks, Wasems, and Alex Nemeth. Wasems may still have pie pumpkins. If you don't want to make the pie yourself, there is a vendor that makes very good sweet potato and other pies. Both Millpond bakery and Anatolian bakery often have a delectable selection of holiday cookies.

There are many other options. If a rack or crown of lamb appeals to you, then talk to Judy Hannewald, the lamb vendor at the Market. For a traditional goose, talk to John, the egg vendor. He may not be able to supply one from his farm, but may know of another local source. Garry, the beef/buffalo vendor is another possible resource. His sister company, Eat Local Eat Natural, supplies many restaurants with local farm produce. There is a link on the blog list in the side bar.

Some vegetables will still be available at the Market. Look for Dwight Carpenter and Shannon Brines as two notable winter sources.

One great convenience of the Market is that the Kerrytown Shops, the Peoples Food Coop, and Zingermans are all very close. If a food item that you desire is not available at the Market it is very likely available at one of these shops.