Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Market December 15, 2012

The Market is still very strong this winter.     It is a combination of a mild winter and vendors are more adventuresome in considering their offerings. Here is an example.     Carpenter's Greenhouse is now selling dried Carmen peppers.     Here is a photo.     There should be more peppers in the photo, but, well, I ate about half of them before I took the photo on noon Saturday.

They are sweet peppers, not hot.     Very tasty.     I don't really don't know how to cook with them because I have always eaten them as a snack within a day of the Market.     If you need to cook with them, think sun dried tomatoes with a roasted red pepper flavor.

I very much like seeing vendors like Carpenter Greenhouse extending their product variety with dried or other processed produce.     This will help the Market.    It gives the vendors increased reason to come in the off season.     It also encourages more customers to come to the Market in the winter.

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