Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Winter at the Market

It is now early winter at the Market. The Market does not close but it does change. Many Ann Arborites may not know, but it is a good location for seasonal decorations such as:

a large wreath,

smaller wreaths,

or a tree.

Traditional produce is also still available at the Market. Many items such as:


and fresh greens will be available all winter.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall at the Market

It is Fall at the Farmers Market.   The Market does not close in Fall or Winter it just changes with the season,   like nature.   That is the part of the charm and enjoyment of buying local produce.   It can be a little sad to see a favorite fruit or vegetable leave in Fall but that is balanced by the joy of seeing it return again in the next season.

In the last few years the Market has added several new classes of vendors.   One of these is the meat vendor.   There are now at least three meat vendors offering beef, chicken, bacon, lamb and buffalo.   I have purchase from all three and recommend all of them.

If you prefer traditional vendors here is Alex Nemeth and his apples.   Apples store well and are available at the Market all Winter unless the vendors sells out of his harvest. There are usually three apple vendors at the market until Spring; Nemeths, Kapnicks, and Wasems Orchards.   I regularly buy from all.

The cold tolerant vegetables are still there too.   My parents made saurkrut from excess cabbage in the fall.   If you would like to try that follow the Farmers Marketer link in the right column of this page.   Brussel sprouts are one of my favorites and they can even tolerate some snow.

Don't give up on the flowers either.   Dennis Sparr is at the Market with mums and other cold tolerant flowers late in the season.   I have purchased his greenhouse roses for our Thanksgiving table.   He will have poinsettias until Christmas unless it gets very cold.