Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner from the Market

Our Thanksgiving dinner items from the Market:

Turkey - Our family Farm
        Stuffing bread - Millpond Bakery
Herbs - our own garden
Apples for the Pie - Kapnick Orchards
Apple, cranberry lettuce salad - Wassem Fruit Farm &
        Brines Farm lettuce
Butternut Squash (not shown) Donahee Farms
Leek casserole (not shown) Garden Works leeks

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It is November and time to talk turkey. The Market is a great place to get a local turkey. Ernst Farms and John Hochstetler (Our Family Farm - an egg vendor) sell turkeys at the Market. You can also order a turkey from Gary Kunneman (TMZ Farms - the beef buffalo vendor). Ask any of these vendors for order details, but do it soon the order deadline is close.

What is the distinction? Ernst Farms and Our family Farm raise their own turkeys and sell them at the Market as a product they produce. Gary Kunneman can deliver a turkey from another local grower. This does not meet the Market requirement that items sold at the market be produced by the vendor. Therefore he does not sell the turkeys at the Market, but you can place an order with him and arrange delivery or pick-up.

Of course, Gary can sell you beef or buffalo for Thanksgiving or Judy Hannewald (Hannewald Lamb) will sell you a rack of lamb if you prefer that.