Monday, August 11, 2008

Pizza from the August Market

Many years ago when I attended a conference in Naples I bought pizza from a vendor near the harbor. I was surprised at how simple and how good the pizza seemed compared to a typical US pizza of that time. Maybe it was just the location, but I have enjoyed making and eating simple pizza ever since.

Here is our variation of a simple pizza from the Market produce with a little help from the neighboring stores.

             Cherry Tomatoes - Carpenter Organic Produce
             Mozzarella Cheese - Zingerman's Creamery
             Kalamata Olives - Peoples Food Co-op
             Rosemary - Deloras Gracia
             Olive Oil - Sparrows Market

Baking the pizza strongly concentrates the flavor and sugar of the small tomatoes. The rosemary produces a very aromatic pizza, oregano would be more traditional, and basil an interesting alternative.

The hardest part of making the pizza is making the crust. Mill pond bakery used to bring pizza dough to the market. Perhaps if we start asking them for it they will resume bringing it and even place a sign when they have it.

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