Friday, January 24, 2014

Sauerkraut Saga - Part 6 - The Red Cabbage Results

I fermented the red cabbage for about 2 weeks.  In the first week little fermentation was observed.   In the second week there was evidence of fermentation by action in the air lock bubbler.  This demonstrated that the plastic lid on the mason jar was a sufficient seal to force the excess carbon dioxide to be released through the air lock. 

After about two weeks I opened the jar.  The cabbage had a sauerkraut smell so I transferred the contents to several smaller mason jars and placed them in the refrigerator  The cooler temperature will stop, or at least greatly reduce the rate of fermentation.  I also sampled the sauerkraut. 

The sauerkraut was a very beautiful bright red color.   It was mild by commercial sauerkraut standards.   Also, it was fresher tasting with a cruncher texture than most commercial sauerkraut.  The taste was between commercial sauerkraut and a coleslaw with a vinegar dressing.

I gave some to the neighbor that provided the cabbage.  I also gave some to a vendor at the Market that grows cabbage and expressed interest in the process of lacto-fermentation.  Both my neighbor and the Market vendor stated that they liked the sauerkraut.

I will do this again next year, but I may do things a bit differently. For example; I will ferment the cabbage longer.  I will also try fermenting additional vegetables.

I like to experiment in making traditional ethnic foods.  If this is also interesting to you, I encourage you to try lacto-fermentation of cabbage and other vegetables.

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