Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013

It has been a long winter and a late spring, but the season has finally changed.  

Dwight carpenter was at the market with a great lettuce display (shown)

Shannon Brines had arugula and other greens.  In general,  I like lettuce better than arugula, but  some arugula mixed with the milder greens makes a very nice  salad.  With a simple vinaigrette dressing it is my favorite salad.

Other vendors had spinach, kale and other greens.

Many bedding plants, both flowers and vegetables are now at the market.  (shown)

Early produce is also available. I purchased green onions and radishes.

Donahee and Sons also still had a few onions from last season.

Dave Barkman was there with his roses.  (shown)

Many other many other plant and flower vendors are now at the market.  Dennis Sparr always has a great display in season.

The Wednesday market starts next week. 

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