Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Market in Winter

It is obviously winter, but the Market is sill very active.  Many of the stalls are selling holiday greens, but there are still many selling produce from green houses or hoophouses.  Of course, the meat vendors are there and are happy to be able to display their products without refrigeration.

Just a few days ago we had a very nice dinner from local food sources.  It was not a planned effort to eat local, it was just a typical dinner from items I had purchased at the market.

The Main course was lamb chops from Hannawald Lamb.  The side dishes were; potatoes from Donahee Farms, sliced and browned with a bit of bacon from Earnst Farm; tomatoes from Carpenter Organic Produce; and coleslaw made from a cabbage sold by a market vendor that did not display his farm name.  Only the mayonnaise in the coleslaw was from a supermarket and probably not local.

End of season tomatoes from the greenhouse of Carpenter Organic Produce

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