Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Market in Winter

In winter the market rests, but it is still open. Unless the weather is very cold there will be a few vegetables from the hoop houses. The apple vendors are almost always there. The beef/buffalo and the egg vendor are almost always there too.

In winter we continue to go to the Market, Kerrytown shops and the Peoples Food Coop every Saturday just as we do in the warmer weather. It is only that more of the purchases are from the indoor shops in the winter than in summer.


  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better!

    You have a lot of creativity and originality, keep it up!

  2. your vendor list is quite small. w
    here's all the other farmers listed
    Isn't Frog Holler an organic farm?

  3. The title of the list you refer to is Vendor Web Sites. It is not a listing of all vendors.

    If other vendors have web sites, or if they like some assistance in creating one, we would consider helping to include them. However this is a private site, not funded by the city or vendor fees, so any posting is at our discretion.

    The title of the other list you refer to is Certified Organic Producers Frog Holler is not a certified organic farm.

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