Saturday, May 2, 2009

May at the Market

It is now May at the Market. Spring is in full bloom.

Dennis Sparr is back with many flowers and plants.
Linda Hormes is making her selection.

Early spring food has also appeared.

Asparagras from the Merry Berry Farm

and Ruhbarb from Alex Nemeth


  1. just finished reading aug. observer. pg. 9.. do you know anything about the baked goods referred to in the article. you are advertising on your blog for this bakery. could you possibly shed some light on this situation. you seem to be an avid market volunteer and blooger. thanks, pat

  2. The Arbor Market blog does have any paid advertising.

    There are Market rules that determine the goods a vendor may sell at the Market. As the Observer article reported, the Market manager, the market inspector, and the department manager responsible for the Market have all found this vendor to be in compliance with the Market rules.