Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Winter at the Market

It is now early winter at the Market. The Market does not close but it does change. Many Ann Arborites may not know, but it is a good location for seasonal decorations such as:

a large wreath,

smaller wreaths,

or a tree.

Traditional produce is also still available at the Market. Many items such as:


and fresh greens will be available all winter.


  1. Kapnick Orchards loss of 90% of their apples is located on the arbor market watch

    The article has been sent to city officials and market vendors

  2. I sent the following email to Molly Notarianni, the Ann Arbor Market Manager.

    "Dear Ms. Notarianni;

    A visitor to our blog, left a comment that they believed a hail storm on June 21, 2008 severely damaged the apple crop at Kapnick Orchards. The implication of the comment was that the orchard did not have a sufficient crop to supply the apples being sold at the Ann Arbors Farmers Market.

    I know that you and the Market Inspector have made considerable effort to ensure that produce sold at the market is actually produced by the vendor. I think this is a service to the Market that is appreciated by many customers and vendors.

    I understand that the Market Inspector visited Kapnick Orchards after June 21, 2008 and I know that you announced at a recent Market Commission meeting that Kapnick Orchards had passed the inspection. However, to satisfy the concerns of some readers of the blog I would appreciate it if you or the Market Inspector would confirm that the inspection occurred after June 21, 2008 and that the quantity and quality of the fruit observed was adequate to supply sales at the Market.

    Thank you.

    Glenn Thompson"

    I received the following reply.

    "Mr. Thompson,

    Kapnick Orchards was inspected on July 25, 2008, over a month after the aforementioned hailstorm.

    Their inspection report confirms that yes, the quality and quantity of fruit present at Kapnick Orchards on the date of their inspection was adequate to supply their sales at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.

    Thank you,

    Molly Notarianni"

    The statement that Kapnick Orchards had a significant crop loss appears to be totally false. Scott Robertello of Kapnick Orchards commented that this years harvest was substantially larger than the 2007 harvest.